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Pure Birth: Awakening the Wisdom Within
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Welcome to Pure Birth.
We believe in birth. We believe in you.

"Knowing the difference between hearing our wisdom and recognizing the voice of fear is a vision of Pur Birth. An invitation to awaken to the voice of our hearts, which is a path to the soul, can ultimately change everything about the way we birth our babies."
~ Melissa Cameron Morrill, Pure Birth Founder

Families are waking up to the idea that more is going on during childbirth than was previously discussed. Pure Birth has moved beyond just understanding the body, but going deeper into the awareness in the human mind and the impact this has during the birthing process. Also, by incorporating the sacredness of childbirth and honoring the soulful journey within, Pure Birth brings alive the whole self in preparing for this momentous occasion.

After eight years of teaching natural childbirth classes, attending births and personally experiencing birth in new ways, the founder of Pure Birth created a vision. One that has blossomed from the seed just being planted into the expansive beauty of the lotus flower. Constantly opening into wider areas of awareness, evolving into the next version of itself. Pure Birth is about empowerment, both with the families birthing and the professionals working in birth. It's about stillness, quieting the mind from the illusions of daily life, embracing the wisdom that comes from this quiet space. Using techniques such as breath awareness, meditation, yoga and ongoing levels of awareness, Pure Birth is also about transparency. Letting go of the limitations of what we think is possible and allow the miracle of birth to unfold.


Preparing for Birth & Motherhood

At Pure Birth, we have developed a chidlbirth class that focuses on natural, holistic birth using shared philosophies with yoga, meditation and conscious living. Classes incorporate experiential activities designed to prepare the intuitive, instinctual side of women and their partners for birth. We recognize that education of our intellectual selves is limiting since during birth that part of ourselves is less available. Trusting in the innate wisdom women are born with, we help remind women of their own power, strength and ability to surrender to the sensations of labor for the gift that unfolds in the process.

Assisting Birth Professionals on their Journey

After many years of developing Pure Birth, we are ready to share it with you to assist you along your path. Check out our affiliate page and learn how to teach Pure Birth classes or supplement your existing classes with our material. We are continuing to develop many ways to create a community with birth professionals around the world who are interested in exploring the new wave of women on the planet and the new paradigm of birth.

Our Affilliate program also offers a 5-week online course through the new birth paradigm. This is a work at your own pace program that helps birth professionals understand their birth work from a deeper, holistic perspective.

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A note from the Founder:

" I have been blessed to watch over 125 families give birth to their babies both in home and at hospitals in 3 states. Each birth has taught me something helping me to continue be amazed at birth and at the miracles that take place that move beyond science, beyond logic and beyond what's been thought was possible. During these thousands of hours of birth watching, I came to realize that there is a mystery about this process, which unfolds moment by moment. Truly learning to embrace the moment, stay present and watching it unfold has changed everything about how I birthed my babies and how I help others welcome their babies. Thank you for stopping by my website."

~Melissa Cameron Morrill